Zambia is an unknown entity to so many around the world. Like her neighbors, the country is rich in wildlife, minerals and natural beauty but unlike much of the continent Zambia has remained peaceful during the transition to self-rule and subsequently through six changes of government.

In spite of this, or more likely because of this, Zambia and Zambians are rarely seen on screens or in print around the world where war, hunger and disaster most often describe the continent.

Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Zambia. It is time that Africa and Zambia are portrayed in a fashion that reflects the truth. The book seeks to unearth and celebrate these stories; the lives of the different, the passionate, the inspiring. From a boy drafted out of his village school to fight in the jungles of Burma in World War II to the young filmmaker who made it to Cannes with her first movie, to the elderly man who in his youth fought for and gained independence for his country; each story a thread in the tapestry that makes Zambia the unique place that it is.

‘Extraordinary’ is a collaboration between the Zambian photographer Gareth Bentley and Swedish writer Johan Rahm.


Mark Bennett

Sipho Phiri

Magadalena Tembo

Errol Hickey

Samuel Matete

Silumesii Maboshe

Walima T. Kalusa

Kalusha Bwalya

Chilu Lemba

Micheal Kelly

Monica Musonda

Kenneth Kaunda

Muna Singh

Towani Clarke

Lulu Haangala

Flinto Chandia

Vernon Wright

Ngosa Chungu

Mulenga Kapwepwe

Elijah Zgambo

Robert Shimaingo

Paul Kasonkomona

Kiss Abraham

Jaya Patel


Jo & Robin Pope

Samba Yonga

Dorothy Phiri

Maiko Zulu

Caitlin de Ville

Chisenga Muyoya

Christopher Malambo

Craig and Rae Oranmore-Brown

David Makala

David Reeve

Aaron Katongo

Chembe Mwanza

Simon Zukas


Ngozi Asinga